Our Philosophy

We put great emphasis on costumer satisfaction, because we are convienced a satisfied customer returns. We gain the trust of our customers through friendly and competent service of our employees, but most notably by achieving transparancy. This is why all our vehicles undergo an independent inspection by TÜV or DEKRA. We put our vehicles up for sale only if they are in impeccable condition. Thereby we build a basis for a fair and honest collaboration with our customers.

Many Years of Experience

Kanaan Mobile & Trucks can look back on a long and successful company history. Since establishment as a family run enterprise in the early nineties, our business grew steadily and organically. Customer satisfaction has always been in the center of our attention - we are satisfied only when our costumers are satisfied. This approach is the basis of our trust. We are proud that customers from day one are still our costumers.

Since fall 2016 Kanaan Mobile & Trucks is located at the new premises at Kränkelsweg 20 in Viersen. Here we are able to offer a wider range of services to our customers - from simple car washes to car purchases. The way is paved for a long and successful partnership.